Turkish Embassy in Ottawa

Info Notes

Frequently Asked Questions, 14.05.2013

Question: I would like to visit Turkey, where can I find information about visas and application requirements?

Answer: Please visit

http://www.e-konsolosluk.net/InfoNotes/IN_Item.aspx?ID=300 internet address to find out about visa application formalities.

You can also obtain information from the Ministry’s internet site;



Visit www.evisa.gov.tr to make an e-Visa application or to get further information.


Question: I am taking a Mediterranean boat cruise with my family. Our ship will also visit Kuşadası. Do we need visas to enter Turkey?

Answer: Foreigners who are travelling to Turkey by cruises are allowed to enter Turkey without visa for a maximum period of 72 hours, with the permission given by the local security authorities.


Question: I will be flying to Europe. I know that our aircraft will land in İstanbul. I am not planning to leave the transit lounge. Do I need to get transit visa?

Answer: If you will not leave the transit lounge at the airport you are not required to have transit visa. Otherwise, you have to make visa application to the nearest Turkish Representation