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The Letter To The Editor Of Ambassador Babali As A Reply To The Globe And Mail-editorial/vote Against Erdogan As Turkey's President (august 8, 2014) As It Appeared On The Said Paper On August 18, 2014. , 15.08.2014


Re Don’t Be President (editorial – Aug. 8): Deliberately calling on Turkish voters to favour one candidate over the others just two days before the election, and making offensive and subjective references as to the personality of the president-elect, is undiplomatic and unethical. After his victory, Recep Tayyip Erdogan underlined democracy and called for a reconciliation, by respecting human and minority rights, including ethnic and religious differences.

Turkey has been holding free and fair multiparty elections since 1950. Its citizens are mature and wise enough to vote for the best interest of their country without the need for any outside guidance, as they did last Sunday.

As for your reference to Mr. Erdogan’s remarks about the situation in Gaza, they were a reflection of the general conscience of the people of Turkey and the Turkish government, which strongly oppose the atrocities committed in Gaza. The president-elect has reiterated numerous times that anti-Semitism is a crime against humanity that will never find roots in Turkey.

Tuncay Babali, Turkish ambassador to Canada


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