Remarks by Ambassador Selçuk Ünal on the Occasion of the 16th Anniversary of the Turkish Peace Garden

Selçuk Ünal 19.05.2016

Madame Ministre,

Değerli Vatandaşlarım,

Madame et Monsieur,

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure for me to be here today with esteemed Canadian dignitaries and such a distinguished group of fellow nationals, Turkish-Canadians and all Canadians who are proud of their various heritages on the opening of the 16th anniversary of the Turkish Peace Garden in the Botanical Garden of Montréal.

Turkish community and the Turkish Canadians have always shown a great enthusiasm towards the Canadian ideal. This is their faith in unity in diversity. This is what Canada is all about as repeatedly and quite rightly said.

Mes compatriotes savaient que leur patrimoine au Canada seront toujours respectés et servir comme un autre atout de ce pays. Aujourd'hui, ils maintiennent leur espoir d'un avenir meilleur dans la société dans laquelle ils vivent et qu'ils ont confiance en leur espoir s'ajouter d'autres forces dans chaque jour qui passe. Nous devons conserver cet espoir vivant.

As we are in the Turkish Peace Garden, we are now admiring another heritage. Indeed, the Turks have been proud horticulturists for centuries. The tulip has been cultivated by the Turks, almost a thousand years before it was introduced to Western Europe. We are now witnessing this heritage, being further refined in Canada. And as this heritage continues to resonate ever strong in Montreal, our hearts are closer and we feel closer. I salute all, including the İznik Foundation, who have been instrumental in making this Peace Garden happen.

This feeling is even further solidified by not only by the 10 days long Tulip Festival in Ottawa where Turkey is represented by the biggest pavillion, but also by the participation of “Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal” in Antalya 2016 International Horticultural Exposition (Antalya EXPO 2016) with the beautiful “mosaiculture” arrangements which are currently on display and admired by the record number of visitors of the Antalya EXPO 2016.

Sur le 16e anniversaire du jardin turc de la paix, je voudrais remercier le jardin botanique, la Ville de Montréal, notre consul général honoraire Monsieur Gérard Emin Battika et tous les fonctionnaires et citoyens pour rendre cette rencontre possible une fois de plus dans l'un des plus beaux jardins du monde.

Our gathering in here has another significance since it coincides with the May 19, the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey. The day marks the beginning of the War of Independence for Turkey where the Turkish nation has risen from its ashes. It has become more significant since Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk dedicated this day to youth. On this occasion we pay our respects to all who fought for the independence of Turkey.

As such, it adds on our gratification of being in here and sharing our joy with friends. We appreciate the City of Montreal’s attitude which build and should continue to build healthy bridges between the peoples, our peoples in Montreal.

Hepinize saygı, selam ve sevgilerimi sunuyorum. Merci beaucoup.

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