15 Temmuz darbe teşebbüsünün akim bırakılmasının Birinci Yıldönümü vesilesiyle Anma Töreni'nde yapılan konuşma

Selçuk Ünal 15.07.2017

Değerli Vatandaşlarım, Değerli Konuklar,

Bugün 15 Temmuz Fethullahçı Terör Örgütü’nün menfur darbe girişimini akamete uğratmak ve demokrasiyi korumak için uçaklara ve tanklara karşı hayatlarını göz kırpmadan feda eden şehitlerimizi ve bazıları halen hastahanede olan gazilerimizi anmak, 15 Temmuz Demokrasi ve Milli Birlik Günü’müzü bu bilinçle idrak etmek üzere biraraya gelmiş bulunuyoruz.

Anma törenimizde mesajlarımızı bütün katılımcılara ulaştırmak amacıyla, aramızdaki Türkçe bilmeyen konuklarımızı da düşünerek İngilizce devam edeceğim.

My fellow nationals, esteemed guests,

Today we are commemorating our martyrs and veterans who thwarted the coup attempt of Fethullahist Terror Organization on 15th July last year; as well as seizing this moment to understand the meaning of our Democracy and National Unity Day. In order to communicate our message in full and in view of the presence of non-Turkish speaking guests, I will continue in English.

There is no question that this bloody coup attempt is the greatest national trauma that Turkey has witnessed since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. 250 citizens were murdered and 2,200 were injured on that night and until the early hours of the next day.

On July 15, 2016, a sinister group nesting within the army and different public agencies attempted a coup through force using fighter jets, tanks and helicopters. The Parliament was bombed by F-16s while in session to resist the coup. Police and public buildings were attacked by helicopters. People in the streets who protested against the coup to protect their democracy were shot by fighter jets, tanks and helicopters in order to kill. Let me emphasize that the plotters were only 1.5 % of the Army. A whole nation resisted to heavily armed plotters and with the help of the overwhelming majority of the military and police forces, the coup attempt was foiled in less than 24 hours.

Evidence on that clandestine network’s involvement in this coup attempt has been released to public within the past year. Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETO) which was enlisted as a terror organization by Turkish courts a month before 15th July and led by U.S.-based Fetullah Gulen was charged with orchestrating this coup. Turkey has made a formal request to the US for temporary arrest and extradition on allegations of masterminding the attempted coup.

Turkish authorities were able to trace thousands of people participating in a covert network linked to the coup by cracking the security features of a smartphone messaging application, Bylock. The coup plotters have switched to a more secure system by the time they launched the coup attempt. The authorities have now been able to access messages of detained plotters and are able to decrypt a wider ocean of information on the FETÖ network which are being used as solid evidence in the ongoing trials.

The coup attempt proved beyond doubt that the FETO had not only infiltrated key positions in the army, but they were on the verge of completely seizing the top ranks in civil bureaucracy, the judiciary, and some NGOs in order to expand their influence over entire Turkish society.

Turkey is earnestly striving to strike a balance between security, civil liberties, economic growth and security challenges in her neighbourhood just as the rest of the world since threats to its security were found to be at an intimidating scale for all.

Understanding the relationship between liberty and security when a country’s existence is threatened, requires a sense of time and chronology, basically a clear perception of flow of events. I think we will see that timeline regarding July 15th in a few minutes. Yet, the terror wave of 15th of July is not well recorded in any given timeline of terror events in Europe. While the world stood in solidarity with many nations upon terrorist attacks, despite its status as a NATO ally, Turkey was mostly left to mend its own wounds since July15th.

Today, there is no major country left unhit by terror and shaken by waves of refugees, two outcomes of the ongoing crisis in Syria. Turkey is coping with a refugee crisis of unprecedented scale for more than six years. Today, the number of refugees in Turkey from Syria and Iraq has reached over 3.5 million, making Turkey the largest refugee hosting country. Against such multiple challenges, enhancing international security and bringing humanitarian issues to a successful conclusion, are two important tasks that require commitment and collaboration at international level.

Today, we clearly see that two sources of pride are with us. The first one is the courage and determination of the Turkish people. Turkish citizens from all walks of life and political views went to the streets in every city against the plotters. Our television channels continued broadcasting despite raids by plotters.

Secondly, the Turkish nation’s demonstration of its will to defend its democracy and freely elected parliament at all costs provided a remarkable example to the world. Turkish people underscored that only the governments taking office through democratic processes and the will of the nation would rule Turkey. The strongest legitimacy is the democratic one. Eventually, Turkish democracy was targeted and our democracy won on that night.

July 15th was an unprecendented, gravest and most bloodiest terror act against Turkey throughout its history. We have never seen an act like this before. That is why, we all ask everybody “What would you do if it happens in your country?”

Thank you for your attention and sharing this moment with us.

Değerli Vatandaşlarım,

O gece darbecilerin gösterdiği vahşet ve hıyaneti tanımlayabilecek kelimeleri bulmak imkansızdır. 15 Temmuz, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti tarihinde ülkemize yapılan en büyük ihaneti ve en kanlı terör eylemini teşkil etmektedir. Biz böyle alçakça bir vahşeti ve ihaneti tarihimizde yaşamadık. O nedenle gelişmeleri sorgulayanlara “Sizin ülkenizde olsaydı ne yapardınız?" sorusunu da yöneltmekteyiz. Unutmayalım: “Anasız babasız yaşanır, ama vatansız yaşanmaz. Vatanımız olmazsa nereye gideriz?”

Bu anma töreni birliğimizin güncel ve içten bir ifadesidir. Toplumumuz, fikir zenginliği ve düşünce hürriyeti içinde, bir yandan da temel meselelerimizde birlik ve beraberlikten ayrılmadan, kederde ve sevinçte bir millet olduğunu hissederek ilerleyecektir. Bugün buna bir kez daha tanık olmaktan duyduğumuz gurur içinde, sizlere saygı ve şükranlarımı sunarım.


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