Ambassador Selçuk Ünal's National Day Message

Ottava Büyükelçiliği 28.10.2015

29 October 2015


This 29 October marks the 92nd anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey under the leadership of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. On the occasion of our National Day, I extend my congratulations and best wishes to our fellow citizens in Canada.

Proclamation of the Republic constitutes a very special historic occasion in the modern journey of the Turkish nation and the birth of modern Turkey. Based on the strong and clear vision of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Turkey emerged as a modern, democratic, pluralistic and secular country.

That is why, I believe all members of the Turkish diaspora including Canada does not only carry the pride of this strong future vision, but also the spiritual responsibility to represent our country. Today, we have over 60.000 successfully integrated fellow citizens who are contributing to the Canadian society.In the multicultural society of Canada, you are equal members, citizens and net contributors to this country.

Turkish – Canadian community have increasingly demonstrated enthusiasm to celebrate the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey across Canada from coast to coast. Flag raising ceremonies are being organized by our community in cooperation with local governments, and in some of them for the first time. We are sure these ceremonies will increase.

Moreover, this year Turkish community has commemorated 18 March (Martyrs' Day also known for the Çanakkale Naval Victory) in 5 different cities. We also actively took place in ANZAC ceremonies to commemorate the Çanakkale (Gallipoli) Battles in 9 cities all across Canada for the first time.

Towards the 100th anniversary of our Republic in 2023, our joint efforts with the support of the Turkish-Canadian community will intensify to strengthen the presence and visibility of our country and citizens in Canada. We expect all members of our community to be proud and equal citizens of Canada without forgetting their culture.

I once again extend my best wishes and regards to all members of the Turkish-Canadian community all across Canada.

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