Turkish Embassy Is Holding The Commemoration Ceremony To Mark The Terrorist Attack In Ottawa In 1982

Ottava Büyükelçiliği 09.04.2015

33 years ago today, on 8 April 1982, our Commercial Counsellor, Mr. Kani Güngör, 49, was the target of a malicious attack which was perpetrated by four radical Armenian terrorists at the garage of his house in Ottawa. Mr. Güngör was shot with two rounds. One round hit his spinal cord and left him paralyzed for the next 26 years.

Therefore, the Turkish Embassy in Ottawa is holding this commemoration ceremony to mark this terrorist attack with its current staff members. Representatitves of some associations and citizens also attended the ceremony including the ones who served in the Embassy at the time.

Mr. Güngör has said in an interview to a Turkish daily that he had attended the Court hearings on a stretcher, and during one of the hearings defense lawyer of the attackers was asking Mr. Güngör about the history where he replied he was not even born at that time and why he was asked these questions about 1915. According to Mr. Güngör, the lawyer in question responded that “what he could do since Mr. Güngör was the sole survivor of such attacks perpetrated by Armenian militants whose only aim was to take revenge from the Turks.”

34 diplomats were maliciously assassinated by the radical Armenian terrorists who are members of “Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia-ASALA” between 1973-1994.

Mr. Kani Güngör passed away in 2008 in Ankara, Turkey. We wish God's mercy upon all fallen Turkish diplomats and express our sincerest condolences to their grieving families once again.

Ambassador Selçuk Ünal: “States live by remembering their important dates. Turkey as well as all other states, remember their sons, who were fallen on line of duty. This, sometimes, could be a soldier in a war or a diplomat serving overseas either at home or abroad while performing their duties for their countries. In such trying moments, nations remain indebted to their fallen sons and daughters forever.

We commemorate all our fallen on the occasion of the “Martyrs Day” on every March 18th. This year it was commemorated in other cities of Canada from coast to coast by the Turkish Canadians. And today, we gathered here to remember the cherished memories of one of our Embassy staff, Commercial Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy, Mr. Kani Güngör, who was attacked by four Armenian terrorists in his garage early in the morning on April 8, 1982. He did not die, but left paralyzed for the rest of his life as a result of the assassination attempt.

We still deeply saddened by this terror attack and will never let this treacherous event to be forgotten in our minds just as we did not and will not forget our Military Attaché Atilla Altıkat’s assassination in August 27, 1982 herein Ottawa.

We, once again, pay our respects and gratitude to the bereaved families of those who have fallen due to the attacks perpetrated by the cowardly hands of terrorism. We respectfully salute them all once again in front of their cherished memories.

We shall remember.”

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