We Commemorated The Martrys' Day Of 18 March At The Fallen Diplomats Memorial.

Ottava Büyükelçiliği 18.03.2015

Ambassador Ünal: "We once again convened at the Fallen Diplomats Memorial on the occasion of the 18 March Martrys' Day to commemorate all members of the Foreign Ministry and other public departments and their family members who were killed in terrorist attacks in the line of duty while serving overseas. A delegation from Turkey and our citizens also joined us.

While our colleagues were paying a visit of honour to the Foreign Affairs Cemetery in Ankara we did the same herein Ottawa to commemorate all our martrys. We commemorated all including Colonel Atilla Altıkat, Defence Attache of the Embassy who was assasinated right here and Kani Güngör, our Commercial Counsellor, who was paralyzed and died afterwards - all perpetrated by Armenian terrorists.

Today is significant for two other reasons: While we are commemorating 18th of March, this year we also commemorate the 100th anniversary of Çanakkale/Gallipoli Wars where we had more than 55.000 martrys and military casualties exceeding 200.000.

We also see different Turkish-Canadian associations in Canada commemorating 18th of March from coast to coast. Turkish associations in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Ottawa also remembered with different events.

We pay our sincerest respects in front of the souls of all our martrys who made the ultimate sacrifice at times and places they were serving for the sake of our country and thus participated with their life where modern Turkey has come today.

We shall remember."


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